You desire sun, summer and a camp with other youngsters? Desire for respect and freedom without racism, for self-organised actions, workshops, films, good vegan food, concerts and dancing? You want to do something against Nazis in your region, find out about interesting projects or experiment with street art? All this happens from July the 26th – 30th on the alternative youth camp which takes place on the „Kulturkosmos e.V.“ area in Lärz.
The camp depends on your participation – for example, with the food preparation, the event technology or the expression of your ideas within the workshops.
We create an open space to speak about the possibilities how we can change society in our sense.

For a better life for everybody!

If you have any suggestions or ideas, simply send us an e-mail!

Linguistic barriers irritate, however, even if german is still difficult for you, we would love to see you on the camp!
We try to guarantee translators during the workshops, to help you in the workshops and talks. Please get in touch with us, if you feel like translating somewhat from german into another language or the other way around.