What is AJUCA?
The AJUCA is a youth camp, where leftist youngsters and adults from all over Mecklenburg-Pomerania meet. In 4 days we share knowledge, experiences, movies and workshops in a self-organized education programme.
Everybody is invited to share his*her ideas and perspectives.
You get news in our facebook page or in the homepage. Please follow us there to get the news.
AJUCA will take place 15.-19. August 2018.
Topics in AJUCA
Feminism/women rights, antifascism/no Nazis, communism/anarchism/utopia, environment protection/sustainable living, sports.
There will be music in the evenings and time for getting to know each other, meeting up and talking during the day.
Sleep and food
Everybody sleeps in tents (camping). If you don’t own a tent, you can write us an email, we will try to organize one. Same goes for sleeping bags.
We cook and work together, everybody helps to create this space, where sharing and learning is possible.
The participation fee is 6-9€ per day. We use that money for buying food and organizing the educational events.
If you don’t have
any money, you don’t need to pay. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can pay less. Everbody gives as much as they can.
The AJUCA is taking place in a big area outdoors. You take the train to Mirow, we will pick you up there. If you come by car, follow the map.